Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Moscow skate parks

Skating yourself fit… Moscow skate parks.
A few months ago I made the commitment to purchase a new deck and to get rid of the skateboard I had been riding for many years. I was spurred on by dating an Irishman who apparently had been skating for 4 years but during our romance I actually never saw his Vans clad feet on a deck. My only conclusion was that he couldn’t skate to save his life and the fact that I could and had been since I was in single digits, was totally crushing his ego. In reality my need for Russian revenge led me to reinvent my passion for crashing! After all isn’t that what skating is?!

My renewed love for skating has increased after reading an article recently that if you skate for 30 minutes 3 times a week you could lose 2.5 kilos a month! Also, with the price of fuel the way it is and no Moscow-stylin black markets popping up anywhere soon in Melbourne for fuel, skating is definitely looking like an option!

I’m also glad to say that whilst watching the Russian news on SBS, skating fever has hit us in Moscow too! On May 14 and 15 the first ever international pro event in skate, bike and inline skating hit Moscow at the Luzhniki Olympic Complex on a portable street course. All of the big brand sponsors were there, Element, DC etc with fantastic soviet wording in graffiti style. Moscow proved itself with great talent, which isn’t surprising considering how fearless and crazy the youth are there!
Miss Mollie Moscow’s tip, watch out for some new pro skaters coming out of the eastern block with ushanka styled helmets that give additional padding.